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The Gulf High School Buccaneer Band & Color Guard

Since 1925, the Gulf High School Buccaneer Band has been providing quality performances to audiences all of the state of Florida as well as Georgia, Washington D.C., and Virginia. The band program has received numerous awards in the areas of marching band, color guard, jazz ensemble, solos, and ensembles. Many of our students are also selected for various honor bands across the state of Florida.

William L. Rutherford – Director of Bands

Kelly S. Rutherford – Color Guard Sponsor

Angelo ‘Pita’ Saroukos – Percussion Instructor

Xiara Rooney – Percussion Instructor

Mrs. Kimberly Davis – Principal

Mr. Kurt Browning – Superintendent

Our Vision Statement

The common goal of the Gulf High School Buccaneer Band & Color Guard is to stand united towards a common purpose. Applying a positive attitude, strong dedication, and through good discipline, we will achieve effective practice. This leads to the Gulf High School Buccaneer Band & Color Guard to be outstanding members of the community and will celebrate their success through their performances.

The Importance of Music Education

Music fills our everyday lives, even when we don’t even realize it. The Fine Arts plays an important role in the education of our young people: it provides them with a creative outlet to express themselves. The youth of today are more well-rounded when they are exposed to the Fine Arts, like music.

Support music in our schools. Get involved. Make a difference in enhancing a young person’s development today!


7 responses to “Home

  • Donna Jones

    Can anyone help me. I am trying to find copies of marching band performances from 1999 to 2001. Both my daughters were in the band then. Sarah & Jennifer JohnsonAt the time I did not have a video recorder and could not afford to purchase the copies. They would like to show their children. The one that they really wanted was when
    the whole band did a flag routine during halftime. Any help would be nice. Thank you.

    • William Rutherford

      All video that we have of our halftime shows can be found on a YouTube channel hosted by a former band parent who does a weekly Buccaneer Band Update Show for us during marching season each year. He has taken what videos we had from the past and put them on his YouTube channel here:


      Unfortunately, we are missing a few shows, but most of them can be viewed here. Hope this helps and happy viewing!

      • Donna jones

        Thank you for your reply. I guess the one that I really wanted is missing. I think it was from 2000. The one where the whole band stopped playing and picked up flags the booster made. I will try the alumni page and see if any one might have it on there. Thank you again.

  • Ron

    Hey Mr. R was wondering if you are able to buy the gray Gulf High Buccaneer Marching Band shirts anywhere. The gray one with the green buccaneer in the middle. Would love to buy one if able to. Thanks.

  • Tammy

    When does color guard practice begin for incoming freshman ?

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