Jazz Ensemble

‘Life is a lot like jazz… it’s best when you improvise…’ – George Gershwin

Gulf High School’s ‘Jazz Fusion’ is a performing group that meets five days a week as a class, where we rehearse jazz standards, scales, and styles. The Jazz Ensemble has performed at the Lakeside Jazz Festival in Port Orange, Florida, the Magic Kingdom and the All-American Music Festival at Hard Rock in Orlando, and even for the late Florida Gov. Lawton Chiles. Annually, the ensemble travels to area elementary schools to participate in the ‘Great American Teach-In’ in November. Our goal is to share our musical talents with the community and educate the public about jazz music.

Jazz Fusion Members:

Alto Sax: Francesca Nesci, Ariana Ruisi

Tenor Sax: Dakota Fricke, Julianne Rice, Janna Butler

Bari. Sax: Jane Case

Trombone: Tori Tate, Tori Wroten, Hope Anderson, Amelia Leitschuh, Nick Novello

Trumpet: Isabelle Ruisi, Morgan Jehlen, Bryannah Molnar, Daniel Stermer, Shaun Feagles

Percussion: Daniel Titchmarsh

Guitar: Aiden Robles

Bass Guitar: Luke Tyner

Piano: Madison Jackson


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